Human Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab



Babak Bazrgari, PhD

Associate Professor

F. Joseph Halcomb III, M.D. Department

of Biomedical Engineering 

Research interests (Google ScholarResearchGateLinkedIn): Biomechanics of the human lower back and spine as related to improving performance and reducing risk of lower back injuries (kinesiology), preventing lower back injuries at work place (ergonomics), and improving the quality of treatment offered for people with low back pain.  

Teaching responsibilities: Biosolidmechanics (BME 670) and Mechanical modeling of human motion (BME 540)


Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Maeve McDonald, M.Sc. student

Clare Tyler, M.Sc. student

Justin Pol, Ph.D. student


Undergraduate Students  

Caleb Cline, Mechanical Engineering

Melanie Duckworth, Mechanical Engineering

Taylor Young, Biomedical Engineering 

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students 

Colin Drury, M.Sc. (2018-2020), ThesisTitle: The effects of a hip orthosis on lumbo-pelvic coordination in individuals with and without low back pain

Alexander Spencer, M.Sc. (2017-2020), Project Title: Design and development of a device to study dynamic mechanical musculoskeletal properties of human knee

Matt Ballard, M.Sc. (2017-2019), Title of Thesis: Biomechanical effects of a hip orthosis on lumbo-pelvic coordination

Cazmon Suri, M.Sc. (2017-2018), Title of Thesis: Effects of backpack type on kinematics of the lower back and activity of abdominal muscles during walking and jogging

Iman Shojaei, Ph.D. (2013-2018), Title of Dissertation: Lower back biomechanics at non-chronic stage of low back pain

Cameron Slade, M.Sc. (2016-2018), Title of Thesis: Effects of lumbar spinal fusion on lumbopelvic rhythm during activities of daily living

Milad Vazirian, Ph.D. (2012-2017), Title of Dissertation: Age-related differences in the lumbopelvic kinematics during trunk motions in the anatomical planes

Emily Croft, M.Sc. (2013-2016), Title of Thesis: Alterations in active and passive behavior of lower back tissues following six sessions of high velocity low amplitude spinal manipulative therapy for healthy participants

Rebecca Tromp, M.Sc. (2012-2015), Title of Thesis: Body armor induced changes in trunk mechanical and neuromuscular behavior

Megan Phillips, Ph.D. (2011-2015), Title of Dissertation: The effects of body armor on lower back and knee biomechanics during basic and military inspired tasks.

Brian Koch, M.Sc. (2012-2014), Title of Thesis: The study of trunk mechanical and neuromuscular behaviors.


Undergraduate Students

Caralyn Collin (2019-2020), Mechanical Engineering

Megan Gilliam (2018-2019), Mechanical Engineering

Korbin Jackson (2017-2019), Mechanical Engineering

Danh Tran (2018-2019), Mechanical Engineering

Lauren Bell (Fall 2018), Biosystems Engineering

Gabi Spinazze (Fall 2018), Mechanical Engineering

Nick Baumann (2018), Biosystems Engineering

Cole Greenwalt (2018), Mechanical Engineering

Adler Elliot-Rosenberger (2017-2019), Biosystems Engineering

Carson Elrod (2017) Mechanical Engineering

Tam Nguyen (Fall 2017), Mechanical Engineering

Zachary Thomson (Spring 2017), Mechanical Engineering

Aaron Defosse (2016-2017), Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Dowling (2016-2017), Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Force (2016-2017), Mechanical Engineering

Laura Schoettmer (Fall 2016),Mechanical Engineering

Cazmon Suri (2015-2016), Biosystems Engineering

Derek Cryer (Fall 2014), Kinesiology and Health promotion


High school Students

Maya Elias (2017-2018), Lafayette High School

Tyler Sereyratana (2017-2018), Lafayette High School

Aurian Vaez (2016-2017), Dunbar High School

Korbin Jackson (2016-2017), Lafayette High School


Visiting Scholars

Anuj Agarwal, Ph.D. (2013) 

Zahra Abbasi, MSc (2014)


Research Collaborators

Current Collaborators 

Dr. Brad Hendershot, Department of Rehabilitation, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Dr. Elizabeth Salt, College of Nursing, University of Kentucky

Dr. Michael Samaan, Kinesiology and Health Promotion, University of Kentucky

Dr. Ting Xia, Mechanical Engineering, Northern Illinois University 

Dr. Arthur Nitz, College of Health Science, University of Kentucky

Dr. Srinath Kamineni, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky

Dr. Richard Kryscio, College of Public Health, University of Kentucky